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Video:  "All Hands on Deck"
Purchase the Video  "LAFFEYMEN"
by Writer/Director Jessica Cribbs

Jim Spriggs
Click on this link:
USS Laffey Youtube Videos

Video:  "Sept 07 Mess Decks Work Party"
John Hudak's video of the repairs going on in the mess decks.
Thanks John

"Dogfights"  USS Laffey   Short video clip from the History Channel  "Dogfights"

History Channel Videos:

Click Here:  History Channel  USS Laffey
There are five parts on the Laffey.  The first two are on the 459.
The next three parts are about the 724.  Great videos.
You must watch the advertisements to view all the videos.

Thanks to Glen Radder for information on these postings.
Ari Phoutrides, Glen Radder, Jim Spriggs and Lawrence
Delewski are interviewed in these videos.

Click Here: 
William McClafferty -- USS Laffey
Eight minute interview.

Destroyer Laffey Comes Home 1945   Video
"Destroyer Laffey Survives 8 Attacks"
Two minutes into this video the USS Laffey is honored for her brave fight during the Japanese Kamikaze attacks of April 16, 1945.

Hampton Save a Landmark   Video
The Hampton Inn doing a really nice clip on the Laffey.  Hampton Inn is a major sponsor. 

Clip 2006 Work Party Video

"Starring the director Tom Watkins, the photo-grappler, John Hudak and the workers Jim Cox and Ari Phoutrides".....

4.  October 2006 Laffey Work Party  Video
    "Beautiful Morning on the Laffey"
Film maker John Hudak, staring Sonny Walker, Don Watson, Ira Kurtz, Dave Harhager, and John Miller.

April 2006 Work Party After Stack
John Hudak filming of the work party on the aft stack.

Video:  Ten and a Half Minute tour of the USS Laffey
Video:  Pat Striplin on the 5 inch 38's Gun Mounts


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