Amplifying Report of Action on April 16, 1945 *

by the Commanding Officer Cdr. F. J. Becton,  USN

authored on April 16, 1945


Comments by Ari Phoutrides


An interesting report written three days after the actual

attack when the memories were active and good.


This report confirms what I have always said whenever anyone asks me about the CAP...

Initially, they were lured away and then returned later.  Their absence was the basis

for a classics reply by the lookout to one of my comments during the action.   After the

lookout had reported - rather loudly - that there were planes overhead, I said - equally as loud

and with a sigh of relief "Thank god the CAP is back."  His reply was "CAP, hell...they're Japs!"

Fortunately, our CAP returned eventually and helped save the days for us.


And, needless to say, I we all appreciate our Captain's last statement on Page 4.

I guess he earned the right to say this even though the report was going to CTF 51.



Amplifying Report by FJ Becton

Amplifying Report of Action on A

Amplifying Report by FJ Becton 






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