Dry Dock Photos September 10, 2009
Courtesy of Joe Lombardi

Thanks... Joe



We’re fitting plate aft!

US COATINGS blasting aft of chain locker toward reefer flats.

M & M is cutting away plating at the bow; the entire stem casting has been filled with a concrete (?) substance up to and beyond the waterline and is totally encapsulated, but is wearing well and NOT causing corrosion. It has been there for many decades and we’re leaving it alone.

M & M is also working in the fresh/feed water tanks in #1 Boiler Room port & starboard.

DETYENS fab crew is working aft removing doubler plating forward of the shafts, dressing interior scantlings and hanging two 8 x 20’ plates forward of the screws this afternoon. They have fitted plating around both main struts for the rudders.

That’s it for now…

Joseph  W.  Lombardi,  AMS


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