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"First  USS Laffey  (DD 459)
Launched October 30, 1941
Bethlehem Steel San Francisco Yard
Commissioned March 31, 1942

Sunk late in the Sea Battle of November 12 & 13, 1942, off Guadalcanal
Resting in "Iron Bottom Sound" off Guadalcanal."



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"Second  USS LAFFEY  (DD 724)
Launched November 21, 1943
Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine

Commissioned February 8, 1944
Final Decommission March 29, 1975
Now proudly afloat at Patriots Point,
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina,

Charleston Harbor, South Carolina.



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"Probably no ship has ever survived an attack of the intensity that she experienced"
Samuel Eliot Morison, Naval Historian



Commendations and Battle Ribbons
USS Laffey (DD 724)

Presidential Unit Citations awarded to both the 724 and 459

USS Laffey (DD 459)
Southwest Pacific
September 13 - November 15, 1942
USS Laffey (DD 724) 
Okinawa, Radar Picket Station #1
April 16, 1945

On April 16th, 1945 a small destroyer in the Pacific was attacked by 22 kamikaze planes.
The USS Laffey is nicknamed "The Ship That Would Not Die" based on the book written by
Captain Julian Becton. This 30 minute documentary shares the stories of five men who survived
that attack and with it shares a part of history that not many people know about.



This site is dedicated to all destroyers that fought so valiantly in all theatres of World War II and in Korea, and especially to the two USS Laffeys (DD 459 and DD 724) that saw action during these periods.

he USS Laffey (DD 724) is part of the
 Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum
located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.
The USS Laffey is now berth in her new home.


Above is a photo of the USS Laffey, berth in her new home,
across the pier from the USS Yorktown, Patriots Point!!

Christopher Kirhagis, President, USS Laffey Association

The USS Laffey is now at Patriots Point


The USS Laffey is Back at Patriots Point;  Click Your Mouse on Any of the Videos Below

The USS Laffey Returned to Patriots Point on Jan 12, 2012

The 2017 Laffey Reunion

will be at Memphis, TN
Reunion details
will be available,
2017 LAFFEY REUNION Scheduled Activities will be posted when known.

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Laffey Returns to Patriot Point
USS Laffey Home Coming Video
Laying of the Wreath April 15th Video
Ari Phoutrides April 14th Videos





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Nation Honors its WWII Heroes

Watch the old
black and white video below, two minutes
into it honors the USS Laffey, Commander Becton, and
the 32 men dead or missing from
April 16, 1945, Japanese Kamikaze attacks
Great video from that long ago!
Be patience, it takes sometime to load..

Below is the Videos of the Kamikaze
attacks to the Laffey April 16, 1945


Click your mouse:   Japanese Surrender Sept 2, 1945

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Day of the Kamikaze wins Gold Award


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April Volunteer Work Party

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Laffey Memorial Tree

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Bigger, Faster, Deadlier Destroyers
New Video Exhibit in Gun Mount 53

  Oct 25, 2013 
Dedication Photo New Exibit of Mt. 53

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October 2012 Work Party Photos

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Video Page from Gene Slover
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Remembering Tin Can Sailors

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Veteran Granted Dying Wish

   February 20, 2013 
New Videos:
Ten and a Half Minute
tour of the USS Laffey

Video describes the
5 inch-38 Gun Mounts

   February 03, 2013 

  December 10, 2012 
"All Hands on Deck"
contains two videos

  December 06, 2012 
 Frank R. Fox


 November 21, 2012
Purchase the Video

  November 03, 2012 
Taps:  Ira Arthur Kurtz

  October 04, 2012 
Reunion 2012 Memorial Service

May 24, 2012
What is life aboard a
USS Destroyer really like?
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Took Laffey Returns to PP off
Home Page and Created a New Page
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  April 19, 2012 
New Video Page:
USS Laffey Home Coming Video
Laying of the Wreath April 15th Video
Ari Phoutrides April 14th Videos

The 'New'
USS Laffey Ship Store

  Jan 25, 2012
Newspaper Article:
Portland Press Herald

Bob Wampler - Dave Harhager Reports
Ken Rohloff Reports
Laffey Returns to Patriots Point

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Laffey Returns to Patriots Point

  October 25, 2011 
Kamikaze Dogfights History Channel

  May 07, 2011   
April Mini Work Party Photos

  February 08, 2011 
Robert Knippenburg's
Old Photos

  April 16, 2010 
Click your mouse here:
65th Anniversary April 16, 1945

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2009 Dry Dock Photos / Articles Page

  September 27, '09 
Progress at Dry Dock and Photos
From Joseph W. Lombardi

The Written Book
"The Ship That Would Not Die"
F. Julian Becton
   MORE COMMENTS  on the "Dogfights" Video,  What People Have Written
Click on this link: 
"Dogfights" USS Laffey" to view a mini-clip interview with Jim Spriggs.

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