Does anyone know what year this picture was taken?
It had to be after WWII and around 1950 in New York Harbor

This picture was given to Sonny Walker by Colette Fazzolari, LORL Administrator, Pennsylvania House of Representatives,
Ms. Fazzolari is the daughter of a Navy Veteran and the wife of an Army Veteran who presented this to him with the following
comments in part:  "It will be my privilege and honor to send this to you.........along with my thanks for all you and those who served
this great country of ours has done for all of us.  I'm proud to be American and can say with great confidence undoubtedly you are
the GREATEST generation.. 

Some Comments - from Ray Broll

I had posted an initial answer to the question "Does anyone know when...." on the web page visitors log.
That answer was incomplete.
My further research is still incomplete.
But here's what I've come up with:
    The 3" Gun Mounts were installed during a yard overhaul in Philly, between 6/17 and 10/2/1953;
    Laffey returned to Norfolk from Korea 6/29/54;
    The Inflatable Life Rafts were installed at a yard overhaul at the Portsmouth, VA NSY in early 1956, replacing the Cork or Kapock Rigid Rafts that are in the picture;
    The men on deck were in Whites;
    So the picture was taken between the Summer of 1954 and the Fall of 1955.

Comments from Sonny Walker

Here is the photo that Collette sent me.

It is taken in New York City and it is in the 50ís configuration.

I was aboard when it went to New York in 1961 or early 1962. I know it was before we were married because I left NYC and took a bus to Baltimore to see Cherie.

I guess we must have been engaged for me to do something like that!!!!!

Comments from Joe Folino

Oh Great Prez... In ref. to the color photo of the Laffey on the website ... regarding the question of when it was taken...... I do not have the correct date myself .. howver I must dissagree with your on the date you refer to as when the Laffey returned to Norfolk from Korea.... It was August 19th 1953 .... not 1954 This can be verified by the info in the  World tour book 0f 1952..... I can assure you of this date  as I ws aboard.!! ... and returned home to a ( Broken Marriage) So I will not forget that date!! 

As for the other info it will need to be verified... When we returned from Korea in Aug of /53 we still had the 40MM guns aboard... I
know that for sure as MT #41 Dir. Op was my battle station.

Comments from Pete Lacore

We went there for some R and R after the overhaul in Philly and before we left for Korea for the second time, I think it was early 1954. We tied up at a pier in downtown NYC. Coming from a farm in southern MN, I was fascinated with the sky scrapers and of course Times Square. Our captain was Hershel Sellers, the guy who gave me my stripes back a few years ago!


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