USS Laffey Association Membership Application

Annual members (renews every January 1st regardless of when you join):  $25/year
Life membership (one-time payment):  55 years old and younger, $375; 56 to 60, $250;
61 to 65, $225; 65 and older, $125

Make check or money order payable to the USS Laffey Association
Mail to:  Michael Pereira, Membership Chairman, 92 Elmdale Avenue, Warwick, Rhode Island 02889




            City          State    Zip

            Phone:  Evening  Daytime   Email

            I served on the USS Laffey (459 or 724)   from 19 to 19    Rank/Rating

            Ship's Commanding Officer     Sponsor

            New Member    Renewal    Lifetime                    Birth date 

            Other pertinent information:

            Note:  Michael Pereira can be reached at the following:  Phone:  (401) 787-3014  or Click here Michael Pereira

                      The requested personal data may be submitted in 2 different ways.
                            (1) Fill in the data and click on  the Submit button.  A few seconds later you should receive a confirmation page
                            (2) Make a hardcopy of this page, fill in the data, and mail to Michael Pereira, along with your Dues payment.




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