November 2009 Dry Dock Photos Set 2
Courtesy of Joseph W. Lombardi


Were just about through with the steel fabrication with small pieces to be fitted forward at the keel and production welding to be done on the keelson surrounding the skeg. The seams will be red dye sprayed on Sunday for final sign-off on Monday. At that point the boat is turned over to the paint crew.

The paint crew has commenced hydro-blasting the topsides and will have the hull completed by Sunday. A final wash down will be Monday with the lower hull primer coats (2) to be painted. The boottop will have two coats of International 300V primer and be top coated with a single coat of International PSX 700 black Polysiloxane from the 13 waterline down 8 to cover the wind/waterline area. This massive protective belt of paint will ensure that there is no corrosion at the waterline for many years to come. The freeboard area will receive a single coat of International 300V primer and a single coat of International PSX 700 haze grey polysiloxane. These coating systems are the best on the market and far surpass the typical silicon alkyd paint typically used by museum and active ships.

The inside of the vessel will have two coats of International 262 off white epoxy coats forward and aft of the enginerooms for all new plating and frames installed. The four machinery spaces will have two coats of terra cotta red EURONAVY epoxy coats installed on all new plating, frames and bulkheads in the four machinery spaces. Again, these are the premium coating systems available and will ensure the newly installed steel will be in good shape for years to come.

Its time to make LAFFEY shine again.


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They are taking her down to the bare metal everywhere.
For that 'fresh' paint job...

She will look like a new ship.


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