Ray Broll's Son and Grandson Visits the Laffey
Courtesy of Ray

Attached are pictures from June 21st thru 23rd 2008, mini Laffey work party.  Ray's youngest son, Kris, and grandson, Matthew, accompanied him to the Laffey.  With pride, he showed them the whole ship.  Malcolm Jenkins was kind enough to lend Ray a key to Plot and the MK37 Director as they got to tour the Laffey top to bottom and stem to stern.

The other guys on the Work Party really gave them a welcome. (No surprise!)  Sleeping aboard was a treat for both of them, especially Matthew.  Sharing the Laffey was a great experience for Ray.
They also got to tour the other ships at Patriots Point, Fort Sumter and Moultrie.


Ray Broll and his Grandson Matthew at the Helicopter Drone.

Matthew at forward hatch.

Matthew in Directors Trainer's seat.

John Hudak shows Matthew the After Fire Room.  (Boiler Room).

Ray Broll and his son, Kris on Bridge

Ray and Matthew in Plotting Room, where the computer is used to plot the
destruction of the enemy.  They are standing in front of the device that stables
the guns and director, against the effects of the ship's roll and pitch.  On the right is
the edge of the MK1A computer.  On the left is the Gun Fire Control Switchboard.

Ray and Matthew on Director.

Ray and Grandson Matthew at 20mm Gun.

Ray showing Matthew his first bunk onboard the Laffey.

Matthew wanted a top bunk.

Visit over as Ray, Matthew and Kris heading for home.

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