The World War II Memorial
Washington, D.C.



During the latter part of April, 2004, I had the opportunity to view the new World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.  I would like to share some of the images with you.

Without a doubt, I feel the commission did an excellent job in its design and location.  It was not as touching to me as the Vietnam, the Korea and the Iwo Jima Memorials.  However, considering the size of the memorial, the scope of its purpose, and the obvious restrictions that were imposed upon it, I feel the commission did a most commendable job in its design and location. 

The visit to this memorial was an unexpected and unplanned side trip to the main purpose of my trip to Washington, D.C.  I went to observe my granddaughter’s team participate in the national competition of “We the People, the Citizen and the Constitution”.  I understand the WWII veterans are leaving us at the rate of 1,100 per day.  I am thankful to my granddaughter for giving me the opportunity to view this memorial before joining my shipmates.