Another Bit of Interesting Memorabilia
Comments by Ari Phoutrides

Attached is a letter sent to then Cdr. Becton from Frederick Stegner.  The latter was a Machinists Mate on the USS
Aaron Ward (DD 483) when she was sunk off Guadalcanal on April 7, 1943.  Lt. Cdr. Becton was its Commanding
Officer at the time.  The letter was written just after Cdr. Becton left the ship in Seattle. (August, 1945).

It is quite obvious from what is written that Stegner admired Cdr. Becton to the extent that he held off getting an advancement in
rate only after he was reassured of being a crewman on the Laffey.  This speaks very highly of our Admiral Becton as a person.
  In addition, Stegner's reluctance to cozying up to the Chief Boatswains Mate speaks volumes about this sailor's ethics. 

I have shown the original letter and then retyped it for more convenient reading.

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