Dry Dock Photos Sept 01, 2009
Courtesy of Joe Lombardi

Hi Guys,

Please get it on the web ASAP.  Note on the one picture of the water pouring out from under the bow.
Joe is really keeping us informed.

Thanks guys.



The hull has been cleaned and access cuts have been made in the hull for the sand sweeping of spaces. Both anchors and chain (10 shots per anchor) have been removed and are on the floor of the dock. US COATINGS is presently blasting the interior spaces where new plate is to be installed removing red lead, zinc chromate. Friable asbestos is also being remediated as needed. This work is required to allow the steel fabrication teams a safe environment in which to work.

The skeg will be drained/emptied of any substances later today.

The cutting of shell plating begins tomorrow from aft, the fuel tanks, feed water tanks and fresh water tanks are ready to go for cutting of exterior steel plate. Two steel fab teams will attack the removal and installation of shell plating; the idea is for them to meet somewhere in the middle of the vessel.


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Here are the latest Dry Dock Photos of the USS Laffey
Courtesy of Joseph W. Lombardi



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