Early Photos of Interests

Compliments and Comments by
 Pete LaCore

Check out this Sailor.  I guess it must have been cool to wear a helmet! These are 3 inch 50's installed in Philly in 1953. They sure didn't stay on very long.  They replaced the 40MM quads and duels that we had in Korea.  (Editors note:  This can't be Pete, can it?)

I found a bunch of 35mm slide pictures that I took with an Argus C3 camera 55 years ago.  I took some of them to Wal-Mart and had prints made of them.  They all came out clear as a bell!

The guy on the right, Carl Grothe, was my gun captain in Mt 53, a former Laffey member.  His last reunion was in Vegas, died of cancer shortly after that.  The clown in the middle is Joe Calise, he was a professional fisherman from California. The guy on the left is from Minnesota! Or I should say was! Now heís alive and well in Kentucky!  (Editor note:  Not Pete, again?!)

Needless to say Iím enjoying the slides that I found, and want to share some of them.  I have some taken in Hong Kong where the tallest building was about six stories, and Waikiki Beach in Hawaii where all that was there was a small two story motel.

Damn Iím old!     ...Pete

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