Issues With The Laffey Web Site


The USS Laffey Association's web site has technically not been down...  I, the web master, was told the program we were using "Microsoft's Front Page", was obsolete and was never designed to be used for/with a web site the size of the association's.

It was after I purchased Microsoft's program "Expression's Web 4" that I was told that 'Front Page' would no longer function properly with the server we were using.  I was not familiar with how Expression's Web worked and I was doing the best I could with the web knowledge I learned with the help of others and self taught myself thru trial and error.  Expressions Web is more in-depth in what it is capable of doing, let alone the sequences of paths one has to follow to place new items and corrections on our web site.

The main issue I had was posting material live.  "Live" meaning a key stroke at a time and something I should NOT do... My computer communicating with the server live.  After being warned the second time, that if I continued to operate in that fashion, and when I corrupted the web site, the server operator would not help me fix the web site.  There is no way I wanted to corrupt the web site.  There are many, many hours invested in our web site for me to destroy it.

I was convienced I would corrupt the web site and then who was going to help me fix it? 

The "Ship That Wouldn't Die" would have seen the web site go down.  I did not want this to happen.

There are many issues that need addressed with the web site... Be patient...  Ari Phoutrides, the orginial web master, Richard Fishinger, and myself are committed to getting the web site back up and running and once, again... the way the software was designed to operate...  We will be proud of the accomplishment.

I want to thank them for their patience with me and the time frame it took to get something going.

A.J. Tarquino
USS Laffey Web Master