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On Wednesday morning, January 12, 2012. a crews towed the USS Laffey from North Charleston, under the Ravenel Bridge and to its new berth at the Naval and Maritime Museum.

"We've been waiting for this day for quite a number of years now. I'm looking forward to having the Laffey back," says Bob Wampler who was a radioman aboard the USS Laffey from 1962 to 1965."It's just wonderful to have...
e her back after all these years." "The ship was a very historic vessel, sustained severe damage at the Battle of Okinawa in April of 1945," Wampler said. "It's a piece of history and it's the only one of the Sumner Class Destroyers that's still alive and floating. The rest are all gone, either scrapped, sold, or used for target practice."

The history behind the Laffey has many excited for her return.

"They were built quick and built cheap for World War II," said Mac Burdette, executive director at Patriots Point. "This was in service all the way through Vietnam, and she not only served in the Pacific in World War II, but she actually participated in the Normandy invasion, she took out two German bunkers sailing close to the coast of Normandy, so she's really unusual in that regard. She's cool."

The USS Laffey is known as "The ship that would not die" because she didn't sink despite Japanese bombs and kamikaze attacks during the war.

More than two years and about $9 million dollars later, "The ship that would not die" has finally come back home to Patriots Point, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina!

First Video:

Second Video:


February 07, 2010


Laffey Veterans See Repairs:

               1.   Veterans: Lee Hunt, Ari Phoutrides, Sonny Walker.
2.   Ari being interview while Lee looks on.    
     3.   Sonny presents Joe Lombardi with a plaque.
                  4.   Joe Lombardi accepts the award.                                
            5.   Lee Hunt and Susan Marlowe from Patriots Point.
           6.   Dick Trammel, Executive Director, Patriots Point.
   7.   The repaired USS Laffey DD 724.                  

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