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Inquiry from Jim (JR) White  (December, 2004) and all the ships at sea

I served on the Laffey from August 1954 till December of 1956 in the 'A Gang'.  When I was discharged I was a Machinery Repairman 1st Class (MR1).  Would appreciate hearing from any shipmates from the above years.
E-mail address:
Regular mail address:    21 Tallow Drive
                                    Bluffton, SC  29909-7484
                                    (843) 705-7484

Inquiry from Jon M. Strauss  (December, 2004)

I would like to correspond with anyone who may have known my father Vernon Strauss who initially served as a Yeoman on the Laffey (DD 724) during WWII.  At some point during his naval time, my father transferred to the USS Callaghan (DD 792).
E-mail address:
Regular mail address:  1051 Village Road
                                  Crystal Lake, IL  60014
                                  (815) 477-7044

Inquiry from Nina Neel (June 8, 2001)

My father, Wane Neel sailed aboard the USS Laffey (at the time I believe he was a Gunners Mate) and survived the sinking of the ship.  The information I have is sketchy at best.  He still finds it hard to talk about the war.  He was a UDT Frogman and I do know he celebrated his 17th birthday (11-17-42) at Guadalcanal.  Would you please provide any information to help me possibly contact his former shipmates for information concerning the battle he survived.  Thank you for your help but most of all thank you for my freedom.  We children of veterans owe the men and women of WW2 a dept than can never be repaid.  I offer my prayer of thanks nightly.  E-mail address:

Inquiry from Marty Lewis (December 14, 2000)

Marty Lewis, a former Yeoman on the Laffey during the 70's is interested in knowing if anyone has a picture of the Laffey firing all 3 mounts broadside and simultaneously.  The Laffey was in company with the USS Sierra (AD 18).  If such a picture exists, please
forward it to AJ Tarquino so he can put it on the website.  Marty can be reached E-mail at

Inquiry from Julie Whipple (November 4, 2000)

My grandfather, Fredrick E. Barlow was stationed on the Laffey during the attack on 16 April 1945.  I would like to know if anyone remembers my grandfather and what was his rate.  Would appreciate any information you could provide.  E-mail address:  Mailing address:  5511 Hickory Fork Road, Gloucester, VA  23061

Inquiry from Jim Hall (September 6, 2000)

Jim Hall would like to correspond with anyone who may have known a Douglas Tanner who may have served on the Laffey during WWII.  He may be reached E-mail at  JASWHALL@JUNO.COM or by mail at:
Masonic Home of NJ
902 Jacksonville Rd #119
Burlington, NJ  08016-3814

Inquiry from Vickie Farmer (August 11, 2000)

My uncle, Ross Epworth Peterson, EM1/c was killed while serving on board the USS Laffey.  If anyone knew Ross or who served with him during his tour on the Laffey, would you please contact me.  I would like to obtain as much information about him as possible.  E-mail address:

Inquiry from Julie Watson

My father is Donald Watson who served on the Laffey during the years of 1960 - 1962.  I am looking to find anyone who sailed with him.  He lives here in Eustis, Florida and is interested in finding anyone that he might have known.  E-mail address:

Inquiry from Joseph A. Perez (June 20, 2000)

I am looking for anyone who might have served with my uncle on the USS Laffey (DD 459), who
lost his life on the night on November 13, 1942 at the battle off Savo Island in Gudalcanal.  Any
info would be greatly appreciated.
E-mail address:

Inquiry from Lyda Mari Marchiano (March 2, 2000)

My father passed away on Feb 17, 2000.  I was just trying to find someone who knew him or could give me information about the time spent on the USS Laffey (DD 724).  His name is Joseph J. Marchiano Jr.  BT3.  He served from 1961-1965.
Thanks from his daughter.  E-mail

Inquiry from Thomas V. Labash (December 12, 1999)

Hello.  I am seeking information about my uncle Thomas Cahill who served aboard the Laffey (DD 724) during WW2.
He was a fireman or oiler.  Can you help.  Regards.  E-mail address

Inquiry from Leonard (Lenny) Osmond (3 February 2000)

I served on the Laffey from 1962 - 1966.  Would like to hear from other shipmates....especially guys in the Electrician shop.  Would love to hear from best buddy Micheal Gene Newman.  E-mail address:

Inquiry from Marie Anderson (31 July 1999)

My father was on the USS Laffey World Cruise 1952.   His name:  Gerald Ellis Thomas.  In the World Tour Book he is on Page 14 in the After Fire room photo, listed as Thomas, BT3.  I am interested in contacting anyone who was on the Laffey at this same time.  Please contact me at (916) 972-9985 or use my E-mail address:

Inquiry from Lewis Coffey (22 September 1999)

Lewis Coffey would like any information on his uncle, Chester Flint (Cox), who lost his life on 16 April 1945.  Lewis was entrusted with all of the military items from his uncle and is very much interested in the Association.  He may be reached at 610 South 6th, Kingfisher, OK  73750.   Telephone:  405-375-6090.  E-mail:

Inquiry from Sonny Walker (23 September 1999)

Am looking for anyone who knows the whereabouts of Lt. D.C. Robison who served aboard the Laffey in the early 60's.  He was transferred to a radar school in Georgia in 1962.  If you can help, please notify Sonny Walker.   E-mail address:

Inquiry from Art McClintock (23 September 1999)

Art McClintock would like any information on his father, Francis McClintock, who served aboard the Laffey during WWII.
If you can help, contact Art E-mail:

Inquiry from Tony Garcia (23 September 1999)

Tony Garcia would like any information on his grandfather, Victor C. Lugo, who served aboard the Laffey during WWII.  He would like this information to pass on to his children.  E-mail:
Address:  Tony Garcia, 7 North Clairmont Ave, National City  CA  991950.   Telephone:  (619) 266-2719

Inquiry from Jeanne Kessel (24 September 1999)

Does any person remember my uncle Philip Zupon, Gunners Mate 1/c.  He was from Cayuga, North Dakota.  He was injured
in one of the major battles at Okinawa.  Would like any information about him or the ship.  Thank you.  E-mail:
Address:  Jeanne Kessel, 1513 - 10th St N, Fargo  ND  58102

Webmaster's note:  Philip was severely injured on 16 April 1945.  Jeanne now has the Laffey Memory Book.

Inquiry from John Senese (11 October 1999)

I served on the Laffey from 72-75 and have been try to locate shipmates who served during that time.


Inquiry from Thomas Labash (11 December 1999)

I am seeking information about my uncle Thomas Cahill who served aboard the Laffey 724 during WW2.

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