September 24, 2009 Dry Dock Progress (1)
Courtesy of Joseph W. Lombardi

Thanks, Joe...



Progress has been steady since my last update of 7 September.

Remediation of interior spaces to allow shipyard workers has been completed from the stem to Frame 72 (fwd bulkhead of Boiler Room #1) and from Frame # 148 (aft bulkhead of Engineroom #2) to stern. #1 Boilerroom and #1 Engineroom have also completed the remediation phase with all remediation to be completed by next Wednesday.

Plating by MMIF has been steady at the bow with the port side nearly plated from stem to vicinity of Frame # 72; slow/steady progress being made to starboard side to allow welders to stitch weld plating to port  on the interior.

The counter is nearly plated in with the sideshell coming together quite nicely forward to Frame # 148. Plating on the bottom around the struts going somewhat slower as the fitting of plating is more laborious.  Welding of main butts and stitch welding of plating aft continues.

Removal of lead ballast nearly complete.

Vesselís keel, transverse & longitudinal framing and bulkheads largely intact on the ends of the vessel worked on so far.

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