USS Laffey Memorial Tree
Planted November 22, 2013
Courtesy of the Barlett Tree Experts


USS Laffey Memorial Tree
In Honor of these Thirty-Two
Men Who Gave Their ALL
April 16, 1945


Marshall Benson,  Electrician's Mate 3/c

 LaVerne George Hazen,  Machinist's Mate 3/c  William Lamar Morris,  Coxswain

 Charles Arthur Broussard,  Coxswain

 William Ernest Heyes,  Seaman 1/c

 Jack Harris Ondracek,  Torpedoman 3/c

 Edward John Brown,  Torpedoman 3/c

 Madoc Kenyon Irish,  Ship Fitter 1/c

 Ralph Epworth Peterson,  Electrician's Mate 1/c

 Fred Durell Burgess, Jr.,  Yeoman 3/c

 John Albert Johnson,  Machinist's Mate 3/c

 Joseph Rogowski,  Coxswain

 Calvin Wesley Cloer,  Boatswain's Mate 2/c

 Paul Butler Johnson,  Fireman 1/c

 James Trenton Rothgeb,  Fireman 1/c

Edwards,  Coxswain

 Lawrence Francis Kelley,  Radioman 3/c  Jerome Butler Sheets,  Lt.jg
Falotico,  Coxswain

 Joseph Hild Klindworth,  Seaman 1/c  Robert Clarence Thomsen,  Ensign
 Chester Carlton Flint,  Coxswain

 James Marcelle LaPointe,  Coxswain  Earl Eldridge Waters,  Pharmacist's Mate 3/c

Eugene Fowler,  Fireman 1/c

 Frank William Lehtonen Jr.,  Gunner's Mate 1/c  Stanley Wismer,  Gunner's Mate 2/c

 James William Fravel,  Lt.jg

 Ronald George Martin,  Gunner's Mate 3/c

Rosier Bernard Wright, Jr.,  Electrician's Mate 3/c

 Francis Ray Hallas,  Fireman 1/c

 Joseph Edward Mele,  Gunner's Mate 2/c


"White water no longer curls back from our Laffey's high proud bow.  There are no men at her throttles or on her bridge, and her guns no longer speak.  But she is alive with shades and memories of the brave deeds and the brave Americans who did them.  They are still with her and will be always.  It is my hope that those who visit her, most especially the young, will come to know and perhaps be inspired by them."
                                                           F. Julian Becton, RADM

Thank you Todd Nedorostek and Bartlett Tree Experts very much for donating the beautiful live oak and planting it.  It will make a beautiful backdrop and ultimately a shady spot for visitors to view the bronze plaque commemorating the Thirty-two sailors who died in the famous April 16, 1945 Laffey Kamikaze attack.  It will be dedicated in October.  Todd Nedorostek,
Grant Fletcher, and Richard McAlisten all did a professional job in a clean and timely manner.

Thanks also to Mac Burdette, Robert Simmons and Bill Weatherford of Patriots Point for their efforts.

Thank you, Jeff Jacobs for the photographs and all that you do for the USS Laffey.

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