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Able Lady rescue

Action Reports (Official Copies) 

        Incident to Invasion of Luzon - January 2  to January 17, 1945.  Classified originally as SECRET

        Kerama Retto - Okinawa Area, March 25 - April 22, 1945.  Classified originally as CONFIDENTIAL 

        Bomb and Suicide Plane Damage - April 16, 1945.  Classified originally as CONFIDENTIAL

        Official Log - April 16, 1945.  Classified originally as CONFIDENTIAL 

       Amplifying Report of Commanding Officer on Events of April 16, 1945.  Classified originally as SECRET

       Official Narrative Report (DD 724) Invasion of France  (Jun 3 - Jun 17, 1944).  Classified originally as SECRET 

       F.J. Becton Report on RP #1 Action to Office of Public Relations 

       F.J. Becton Report on Laffey History to Office of Public Relations 

      Reports on Ordnance, Damage, and other Comments - for action on 16 April 1945 

Application for membership
Association Membership
Association Email addresses
     Liberty Magazine, 4 January 1941
     USS Laffey - 1983
     USS Laffey - 1979
     USS Laffey - 2006


Battle Ribbons and Commendations
Bear, Frank (DD 459 MIA)
Becton, Elizabeth
    Memoriam to
Becton, Frederick Julian (1st Commanding Officer)
    25th Anniversary Naval Academy Yearbook
        Admiral F J Becton and the USS Iowa
        Admiral F J Becton
        Lt Cmdr F J Becton
        Admiral Becton at the USS Maddox 50th Reunion
        Cmdr F J Becton in Seattle, 1945                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Cmdr F J Becton (after 21 November 1946) 
        Admiral Becton on trip from Charleston Navy Yard to Patriots Point
        Burial Place in Arlington National Cemetery Biff our mascot
        Letter written by F J Becton to families of victims
        Newspaper Article USS Iowa
Becton, Julie
        Battle Damage Photos
Bikini Atoll - atomic bomb tests

Biff - our mascot
Board of Directors

Bell, Charles
Brown, Donald "Doc"
    Newspaper article about him

Cavanaugh, Sonny
    Tribute to
Chief Petty Officers Initiation:  2002
Cole, USS
    Time Lapse Photos of  Recovery
    Survivor visit to Laffey   
Commanding Officers of USS Laffey

Commendations and Ribbons for USS Laffey

Cooper River Bridge
Crew Members (individual submitted pictures)

Commissioning Orders for USS Laffey

Composite Squadron VC94

Composite Sketch of Suicide Planes, April 16, 1945

    1952 World Cruise
    1954 World Cruise
    1956 Med Cruise
    1960 World Cruise   
    1961 Med Cruise
    1969 Med Cruise
    1970 Cruise Book
    1970-71 Med Cruise   
    Cruise Photos from Bob Longsdon
Cy Simonis
    Photographs from his album
    Battle damage pictures from his album

    Dara (SS)
    DASH Weapon System
    Decommissioning Ceremony in 1975
    Destroyer men
    Dogfight Productions  Photos from April 11-12, 2007
    Doniphan, Michelle
    Letter to Association from her

Eastham, Lonnie
    Damage pictures from his album
Email addresses
Essay (College) by Belinda Leslie
     Laffey College Essay by Belinda Leslie

Fern, Thomas B.
Photo Thomas B. Fern
Folino, Joe
    Thoughts by 
    Pictures from Folino's album 

Gedusky, Elwood
    Photographs from Gedusky Album (Korea)
    Giles, Louis F.  Jr.  Photo





Guest Book
    Sign guestbook
    View guestbook

Hampton Inn, Save-A-Landmark
Harper, Dale P.  Report on Okinawa Attack
Hazen, Laverne
    Advancement in rate
Hilton, Steve
    Pictures from his album
    History of ships named Laffey (CNO)
    History Channel Interview Photos for "Dogfight" movie
Honored Dead

Hotel Used for Patriots Point Reunion
Hudak, John
Hudgins, Bob
    Navy Day, Pearl Harbor, 1945
Hudson, Skip
    His wedding
Hull, Lloyd
    Ship's model winner

    Interesting Articles

   Jackson, Ralph  Photo

Kamikaze pilot, picture of
Keith, Craig
    Work party buttons
    Med Cruise Photos, 1970-71
Kennedy, Earl
    Action Reports - Okinawa Campaign
    Damage Photos from his log

Lacore, Pete
    Picture of in 1983
Laffey, Bartlett
Laffey (DD 459)
    Newspaper account of action
    Launching of   
    Envelope from 1st day in commission
    More pictures of the 459   
    A poem for the 459
Personal Written Letters on 459
   Epistle from Captain Sterrett on Laffey 459
D,S. Sterrett, as Ensign aboard the USS Laffey 459
   Two Letters from Frank L. Meyskens
Personal Written College Essay
   Laffey College Essay by Belinda Leslie

Laffey (DD 724)
     Pictures of       
          Battle damage
          Battle Damage photos from Julie Becton
          Before commissioning
          Refueling at sea
          Attempted towing by USS Malcomb  
          Recommissionng - 1951
          Hull repairs at Charleston Navy Yard 
          At Invasion of Mindoro
          Bermuda Shakedown Cruise
          Alongside USS Lowry (DD770)
          Torpedo firing
          Dropping depth charge
          Fram configuration, 1962
          Leaving Norfolk, 1956
          Action in Korea
          Being towed to Patriots Point
          Enshrinement bumper sticker
          April 14, 1945
          Transfer of "In Harm's Way" to Association
          Returning home from Korea
          Laffey in New York
          In the mid 50's
          From Woody Gedusky
    Laffey College Essay by Belinda Leslie
    Muster Roll of Commissioning Crew
    Article by Dr. Steve Ewing
    Article in Sea Combat
    Article in Sea Classics
    Roster of survivors of 16 April 1945
    Laffey Deck Log April 17th 1945
    History of
    Newspaper Articles
    Paper written by Robin Lewis

    Of  DD 459
    Of  DD724
    Letters from our friends
Leslie, Belinda
    Laffey College Essay
Letters written by F J Becton to families of victims
Links to other sites
    Ships of the US Navy
Lloyd, Bill
    Picture of granddaughter
LST 582
Luzon - Official Action Report

Mail Call
Manson, Frank A. - Taps
Mascott (Biff)
Matthew, John
    Photos from 1964 album
    Photo of John Matthew
Matthew, Ron
    Photo of Ron Matthew
Meyskens, Frank L.
     Two Letters 1942 accounts  DD 459 
McClary, G.W.
    Laffey before commissioning
Membership application form (online)

Membership Roster
Memorial Plaque
Memorial Room Dedication
Laffey Memorial Tree

Naval Academy 25th Anniversary Yearbook
Navigational Charts used by USS Laffey during WWII
    Newsletter from Cmdr. Tazewell   
    Navy Day, Pearl Harbor, 1945
    Newsletter No. 8 December 1978
    Newspaper Article 1975  What Might Have Been:
    Newspaper Article May 1945

    News Radio Press   May 24th 1944
    News Radio Press II  November 5th 1944
News Radio Press III  December 20th 1944

Oral Histories
    Liebertz, Jerry
    Delewski, Larry
   Weygandt, Charles
    Joe Folino
    Jim Carver
    Kenneth Rohloff
    Joe Folino - 2nd
Our Future Security


   Parolini, G.A.G., photo of
   Peterson, Ralph Photo
    Laffey Crew (submitted by crewmen)
    Battle Damage from Cy Simonis Album
    1945 Torpedo men
    In Harms Way
    Kamikaze pilot
    Patriots Point from air
    Laffey Steaming Along
    Dogfight Productions

Phoutrides, Ari
    Photos from his album (Normandy)  
    Oral history, December, 1944
    A second oral history, February 8, 1944
    A third oral history, April 16, 1945
    Photos from Navy Day, Pearl Harbor, 1945
    Photos from his album (World War II Memorial)

Radder, Glen
    Memorabilia from his album 
Poems by Glen
Radio Press News
    Radio Press News   May 24th 1944
    Radio Press News II  November 5th 1944
Radio Press News III  December 20th 1944
Recommissioning - 1951
First Laffey Reunion Menu
First Laffey Reunion Menu
Reunion pictures
    2006 reunion from Tom Phelps
    2006 reunion from Joyce Essig Hanau
    2006 reunion from Jim Spriggs
    2006 Reunion from John Hudak
    2005 Reunion from Rich McKinney
    More 2005 Reunion Photos from Rich McKinney
    More 2004 Reunion from Bob Logsdon   
    2004 Reunion from Bob Logsdon
    First reunion documentary
    2004 Reunion from Tom Phelps
    2003 Reunion from John Matthews   
    2003 Reunion from Fred Nardei
    2002 Reunion from Bob Hill
    2002 Reunion from Doug Ward
    Formal pictures from 2001 Las Vegas reunion
    2001 Reunion
    2000 Reunion 
Reynolds, Skip
    Information on 459

Rita Maier

     Article on
Rusk, George
    Memorabilia from    
    Ships roster 1970 
    Ships roster 1958-59
    Survivors of 16 April 1945
    Commissioning Crew 1944
Rusk, George
    Photo George D. Rusk

Stein, Derrill
    Pictures from his album
Schmidt, Bill
    Pictures from Hawaiian Fleet (1945-46)
Shaw, Harvey
    Three faces of
Sheets, Jerome B.
Ships Store
Ships Log
     Ships Log: April 1, 1945
Simonis, Cy
    Pictures from his album
Sterrett, David  (Captain Ret.) Laffey 459
    Epistle from Laffey 459
    D.S. Sterrett, an Ensign aboard the USS Laffey 459
Strauss, Vernon J.
    Pictures from his album
Suicide planes composite sketch
Sousley, Franklin - gravesite

Tag, Japanese suicide plane
Tin Can Sailors
Link to TCS website
    TCS Laffey Book 
     Video: Tin Can Sailors of WWII (Oliver North)
Tazwell, John P. Captain
    His Party
Townsley, James G. - Taps

    Pictures of

Video Clip Index
    Vodehnal,  "Slavy"  Slavomir

Walker, Sonny
A tribute to
    Family pictures
    Pictures from Walker Album (World Cruise)
    Article on "Destroyer men"
Work Party Buttons designed by Craig Keith
Walker, Warren
Crew Photo Warren G. Walker

Work Party Pictures
     April 2013 Work Party Photos - John Nettle
     2012 Oct  Work Party Photos - Homer Dotser
     2007 April Work Party Photos - John Hudak
     2007 April Work Party Photos - Mike Robin Lewis
     2007 January Mini Work Party - John Hudak
     2006 September Work Party - Jim Cox    
     2006 April work party - John Hudak
     2006 June, mini work party - John Hudak
     2006 June, mini work party - Sonny Walker
     2006 April - Chris Kirhagis    
     2006 April - Jack Matthews
     2006 January, Mini - Sonny Walker
     2005 November - Ray Broll
     2005 November - Rod Morgan
     2005 November - Ari Phoutrides
     2005 November - late pictures from Sonny Walker
     2005 June - late pictures from Sonny Walker
     2005 April - late pictures from Walt Harrington
     2005 June - Skip Hudson
     2005 April - Ray Broll
     2005 April - Sonny Walker
     2005 April - Walt Harrington
     2005 April - Skip Hudson
     2005 January, Mini - Sonny Walker
     2004 November - John Matthews
     2004 November - Ari Phoutrides
     2004 April - Sonny Walker
     2003 November - John Miller
     2003 November - Bob Hill
     2003 November - Jim Cox
     2003 November - Ari Phoutrides
     2003 June - Sonny Walker
     2003 March - Vic Fletcher
     2003 March - Fred Nardei
     2003 March - Woody Gedusky
     2003 March - Sonny Walker
     2003 January - Sonny Walker
     2003 January - Jack MacCaskill
     2002 October - Ari Phoutrides
World War II Memorial


Youngquist, Joel

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